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  • What does STAR scheme stand for and the objectives of star schemes?
  • STAR- Standard Training Assessment Reward. This scheme is an initiative by government for increasing employability and productivity of youth by offering them monetary incentive to voluntarily join an approved skills training course that is certified by Sector Skills Councils.
  • What is the target of this scheme?
  • This is a national level scheme which aims to train 10 lakh youths in the time period of one year which starts from September 2013.
  • Who is responsible for launching and running this scheme?
  • This scheme is lunched by Ministry of Finance, GOI and run by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) with the support of its training partners and assessment partners.
  • What is the validity of this scheme?
  • The scheme is valid for till October 2014
  • Who is eligible for becoming part of this scheme?
  • The eligibility criteria of this scheme are:

    Age- 18 years

    Compulsory Education- High School

    Citizen of India

    Unique Identity Card no. (Adhaar Card)

  • What is the maximum/minimum duration of training?
  • The minimum duration of course is one month. But, branch manager can extend it based on his judgment of student ability to clear the assessment.
  • What will the candidate receive on successful completion?
  • Upon successful completion of course, following things will be given to candidates:

    Monetary reward

    GOI, SSC and Training partner certificate which will be specification recognized for goods.

  • Will the certification be recognized or be of any help to gain assured placement?
  • The certification is highly acknowledged by the industry and will boost the prospects of a candidate.
  • Does the trainee need to pay for the training?
  • The trainee is only required to pay onetime fee at time of registration (inclusive of assessment fee and processing fee).
  • What is the registration process for the scheme?
  • Candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria can get registered with any of the approved Training Providers for the approved courses. Training partners will collect all the information of candidate in their system and facilitates the training.
  • What happens to the trainee fee if candidate drops out of the program?
  • The fee will be forfeited if the candidate drops out of the program.
  • Can you explain the entire process of money transfer to fully certified trainee?
  • The money transfer will happen only when Sector Skill Council is done with Due diligence of the records submitted by training provider through Skill Development Management System (SDMS).
    On receiving the transfer message from the sector skill councils, NSDC will clear the payment and advise the designated bank to do direct electronic transfer of award money into the trainee’s bank account.
    In case training was done on credit basis, then training partner is expected to make arrangements with the bank and the trainee for the auto-debit functionality. By doing so, the credit money is will be automatically debited to training partner’s account.

    Sector and Registration
  • Can government employees/working professionals also enjoy the benefit of this scheme?
  • Yes. This scheme is for anybody who fulfill the above mentioned eligibility criteria. Therefore working employees or government employees can also avail this scheme.
  • What is the schedule of registration?
  • No specific month/session is marked for the registration. The scheme has a fixed validity period, October, 2013 to September, 2014. All centers are encouraged to put all their efforts to register high number of candidates during this period to avail the benefits of this scheme.
  • What will be the minimum batch size for any course?
  • The minimum batch size is 18 candidates in every batch
  • Can a candidate register for more than one job role?
  • No. A candidate can register for as many courses but will get the monetary reward for a single course only.
  • Who will conduct the assessment?
  • The assessment is strictly conducted by a neutral body. Hence, external evaluators are appointed by NSDC for conducting assessment.
  • What will be the mode/pattern of the assessment?
  • The mode, duration and medium of assessment will be different for each sector. Please refer to sector details for more information.
  • Where will be the test centers for assessment?
  • Assessment will take place at the centres itself, but only if the minimum size criteria is fulfilled.
  • What happens if the candidate fails the assessment?
  • In case a candidate is not able to qualify the exam, he can reappear for the exam by paying assessment fee again.
  • What certification will be provided to the scheme?
  • A secure certificate with logo of Government of India, the sector skill council and the Training partner will be provided. The certificate will be issued to the candidates in 20 days on qualifying the assessment successfully. A sample of the certificate is attached.
  • Will course material be provided for this scheme?
  • The most of course material provided by for this scheme will be in the form of model question papers.
  • Is it compulsory to have Aadhar Card to become beneficiary of this scheme?
  • Yes. It is compulsory for beneficiaries to have Aadhar card. In non-Aadhar card state, NPR number can be quoted and on priority basis, AADHAR cards will be generated for the star enrolled candidates.
  • What if the applicant do not have Aaadhar card?
  • If the applicant, do not have an Aadhar card, we will help him to get an Aadhar card after enrolling with us under this scheme, on urgent basis.
  • What is the role of Aadhar card in this scheme?
  • A unique id for the candidate will be generated by NSDC with the help of Aadhar card number. This unique id will be used to transfer the scholarship money directly to the candidates account through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme.
  • What bank account should the candidate have?
  • There is no restriction on candidates to have a SBI account (any private or nationalized bank).
  • Is it required for candidates to sign any document?
  • Yes. The students have to sign an undertaking at the time of registration to allow for auto debit post grant release. The standard undertaking format will be provided to the branch managers as per the job roles chosen by them at their centers.
  • Can a batch of 20 sit for different job roles?
  • No, job roles cannot be mixed for assessment.
  • Whom we should contact to get more information or making any query?
  • For further information email at star@nsdcindia.org or call on 8800-55555
    About NSDC
  • What is NSDC?
  • NSDC is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) in India set up for development of Indian youth by imparting working skills in them. For doing so, NSDC has started skill training program that will increase the Indian workforce. It is spending a large part of its resources on private sector and for developing the skills in unorganized sector India by funding skill training and development programs. It also runs training programs and in-depth research programs for discovering skill gaps in the Indian workforce for developing accreditation norms.
  • Why there is a need for an organization like NSDC?
  • India is a growing economy which needs a large and skilled workforce. But, due to lack of good trainers and training institutes, the growth rate has been slow. Lack of skillful people is there in every sector of economy. NSDC works for providing skilled personnel for various sectors by funding skill training programs. Its main goal is to foster private sector and industry participation in skill training and development.
    A little brief about Retailers association’s Skill Council of India
    Retailers Association’s Skill Council of India (RASCI) is a nonprofit public organization funded and supported by government of India and Retailer’s Association of India, Reliance Retail Ltd., Future Retail India Ltd., Shoppers Stop Ltd., Globus Stores (P) Ltd., Trent Ltd., Infiniti Retail Ltd. and Connaught Plaza Restaurant (P) Ltd. to function as the Apex Skill Development Council for the Retail Industry. It was established under Section 25 of the Companies Act for representing retail sector of India. The main function of RASCI is the improvement retail sector. For doing so, it has offering skill development services to the people who want to enter into retail sector. It is offering its services to general public through educational institutions, societies and training organizations.
    The directives followed by RASCI are:-
    Creating a healthy work environment where aspire everyone to enhance their working skills.
    Providing retail sector with well trained manpower
    Creating transparency for industry members regarding the availability of well trained manpower.
  • Which courses do RASCI run?

  • There are four courses run by RASCI, below we have mentioned names and details these courses:-
    Job Roles Minimum Qualification Maximum Qualification Store Operations Assistant NA NA Trainee associate 10th Passed NA Cashier NA NA Sales associate 10th Passed NA